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Q1: Why should I choose US Alarm?
Q2: What kind of warranty can I get for my Home Security System ?
Q3: Why should I have a monitored burglar and fire alarm system?
Q4: Who will be monitoring my alarm?
Q5: Will U.S. Alarm Monitoring Station receive an alarm signal if the alarm is not armed?
Q6: What is the difference between a hard-wired and wireless system?
Q7: When will technician come to install my security system after I sign the contract ?
Q8: How long will it take to install my security system ?
Q9: What will a security system cost?
Q10: Would it be safe to let technician to go into my property ?
Q11: How will I be billed?
Q12: I have smoke alarms already installed in my house. Why should I add monitored fire protection with US Alarm?
Q13: My telephone lines are exposed, what happens when the phones are dead or the line gets cut?
Q14: If I install a U.S. Alarm Security system, does it require a separate phone line to communicate with your Monitoring Station?
Q15: I am not happy with the system company. Can I switch over to U.S. Alarm?
Q16: Should I test my system and how often ?
Q17: How do I perform a test?
A: US Alarm is a well-established California registered corporation.

1) We have live operator 24/7/365 (no auto-attendant) for contact and monitoring station

2) Normal alarm companies would have only Alarm Company Operator License. U.S. Alarm has C-10 license and are bonded. We are experienced and qualified for government bids.

3) U.S. Alarm is one of the very few alarm companies in California who can install and certify UL burglar alarm system for jewelry stores.

4) Regarding U.S. Alarm’s qualification, please click on About U.S. Alarms

5) U.S. Alarm has a general liability coverage of $5,000,000, most of the other alarm companies only have $1,000,000.

We care about our customers ! At US Alarm, each member of our experienced, professional team is dedicated to the highest measure of quality.

A : Our customers automatically receive the following services upon the purchase of a new U.S. alarm system:

• 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the workmanship and performance with your U.S. Alarm system, you may receive free service to keep the service to your satisfaction. We will also warranty our equipment within the first 90 days of purchase.

• If you have purchased the maintenance plan, all you have to pay is $25 for the trip charge. U.S. Alarm warranty the service for another 90 days from service, if the same problem occurs within 90 days, there will be no extra trip charge for technician to be sent for the service.

• Certificate of Completion : If you purchase an alarm system for your home or business, we will issue a Certificate of Completion to you. You may qualify for a discount of up to 20% off your insurance premiums. Please consult your insurance agent, U.S. Alarm is not an insurer.
A: If your alarm were to go off at anytime during the day or night- who will be around or go out of their way to call the appropriate response agency? When your security system is monitored by U.S. Alarm, our 24/7/365 Monitoring Station will notify the local authorities when our operators receive an alarm condition signal. The appropriate response agency will then be dispatched to your home or business to help protect your possessions and ensure your safety.
A: US Alarm’s Monitoring Stations are Underwriters Laboratory listed. Our professionally trained operators are always there to promptly respond to all of your alarm conditions.
A: No, we will not receive a signal. It is important to arm your alarm, even when you are at home. It is best to have your perimeter protection on whenever possible. Perimeter protection is an option that allows you to move about freely inside your home while all doors and windows are armed.
A: The main difference is the type of technology and the type of installation. When it comes to the system capabilities and effectiveness, there is basically no difference. The only difference is the battery for wireless system needs to be replaced every 3-5 years.
A: A typical installation schedule period is 3-5 days.
A: This all depends upon the size of your system. A basic system will take around 4 hours.
A: Currently U.S. Alarm Security systems can be purchased for as low as $99 activation fee. Monitoring services start at $29.99 per month (with maintenance plan) for residential system and activation fee; $24.99 for takeover customer’s existing system approved by U.S. Alarm panel/equipment and without maintenance plan.
A: Unlike a lot of other security companies who uses sub-contractors, all U.S. Alarm’s employees MUST go through the full pre-employment screening process, we require ALL employees to pass the FBI background check performed by the Bureau of Security and Investigation Services. ALL U.S. Alarm employees carry a picture ID card and carry copy of our ACE license issued by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, customer should reject any technician without a staff badge and ACE license to enter into their premises. Indeed, all our technician should also know the installation code for your system before being dispatched to your job.
A: US Alarm bills their customers on a quarterly basis. The first month’s bill will always be pro-rated. We offer flexibility of payment by billing or ACH by checking account or conveniently by credit card, if you choose to, you won’t have to hassle with writing out checks and getting your payment in on time.
A: Fire can be devastating to any home. In addition to the immediate life threatening danger, it can cause irreplaceable damage to your property and possessions. Non-monitored smoke alarms only provide audible notification of a fire relying on someone else to alert the fire department of the emergency! When a fire condition is detected, monitored smoke/fire detectors send an alarm signal to our 24/7/365 Monitoring Station. Once the signal is received, our professionally trained staff can quickly dispatch the local fire department to your Residence, minimizing the potential threat.
A: Normally, if your phone lines become disabled due to tampering, severe weather, or construction, your alarm signal will not reach our Monitoring Station. Because our Monitoring Station is a critical part of your security system, US Alarm offers alternative communication options. Our wireless backup system offer a reliable secondary source of alarm signal. These communicators will send signals via radio or the powerful cellular control channel to our Monitoring Station.
A: No, a separate phone line is not necessary. However, the system will seize your phone line for a few seconds when sending an emergency alarm signal to our Monitoring Station.
A: Yes, however, if you have an existing monitoring agreement with another company, you must wait until it expires. Once you are free from your contracted obligation, feel free to contact us. We will send a qualified U.S. Alarm Sales Representative to your home to evaluate your system. Our representatives will determine your security needs, make recommendations, and discuss the necessary steps required to bring you on board as a valued U.S. Alarm customer.
A: Yes, you should test your alarm system to insure that all devices function properly and signals are sent to our 24/7/365 Monitoring Station. You should test your system once a week.
A: Call our Monitoring Station at 1-800-872-4199 for regular burglar alarm system and call our UL Monitoring Station at 1-800-872-7144 for UL certificated burglar alarm system. Please refer to your account number and/or Customer PIC (Personal Identification Code/Passcode), and request a test of your system. The Monitoring Station Representative will guide you through the procedure for simple telephone line testing and full function tests. We ask that you test your system during the day as to not disturb your neighbors with any noise devices that will sound during a full test. Please refer to your owner’s manual for actual keypad functions for your system, or ask the operator to guide you.

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