Acess Control System

Controlling access to your business can provide security to valuable assets, protection for your staff and guests, and the ability to manage who goes where and when. Implementing an access control system in your building can reduce the risk of stolen property and of unauthorized individuals gaining entry to specific areas.


Suitable for any sized business, having an access control system ensures that only authorized personnel can access your building and specific assigned areas throughout. In addition, access control systems can provide a log of who has entered the facility, the areas they have gone into, and the time and date of each occurrence.


Whether you require a single front door access control system, or an intricate multi-door system, U.S. Alarm can assist in the planning and installation of a customized access control system for your specific needs. From card readers, keypads, magnetic or electric locks, as well as intercom systems, we offer a wide range of solutions that is suitable for various requirements and budgets.


With U.S. Alarm, your access control system can enable you to:


  • Control who has access, and when and where they have access
  • See which specific users have gained access, as well as any users who have attempted access, either to an unauthorized area or at an unauthorized time
  • Conveniently edit access programming, for example when an employee has lost their access card, or to allow temporary access to a designated area
  • Remotely manage your access control system



Customizable Employee ID Badge Printing Service

Basic Information to provide to us:


1. Choose between horizontal or vertical orientation.

2. High resolution logo for your company along with your company colors (or preferred color scheme) and we will incorporate them into your design.

3. Employee names, ID numbers (if applicable), job title, and any other information you would like to include.


  • When the information above is provided, our Artwork Department will create two (2) designs for you to choose from, which will be emailed to you to proof.
  • Once you have chosen your design, you may contact the designer to make any final adjustments.
  • After all final adjustments have been made, a confirmation e-mail will be sent out for final approval.
  • All cards will be printed on an UltraCard III PVC card.
  • Once cards have been printed, we will ship out the same day.

Prices + Shipping and Handling

First Time Artwork Setup Fee is $200.00

1-10 Cards $15.00 + S&H

11-25 Cards $12.00 + S&H

26-50 Cards $9.00 + S&H

51-100 Cards $6.00 + S&H


Terms and Conditions

Terms after credit approval are Net 10. Minimum invoice billing amount is $40.00. Smaller orders may be paid with Visa/MasterCard or Company Check. There is a $30.00 Fee for returned checks. Customer is liable for all collection costs if invoices are not paid in full within the allotted terms.


Please contact us if you are interested in customizing your own photo ID card:

We have installed access control systems for a variety of businesses, such as:

SFO - Int' Airport

Top Line

China Airlines


Consulate General of Mexico

San Francisco



Baby World


Blackmagic Design

Sequtec Inc.

Mathilda Villas

Berkeley Public Library

Please contact us if you are interested in installing, or upgrading your existing access control system: