U.S. Alarm is an authorized dealer of, the leader in connected home technology. Through our service, we can enable your home or business security system to be controlled from your computer, smartphone, or any web-enabled cell phone. This interactive technology gives you the ability to monitor your home or business 24/7. Using wireless cellular signals, even if the phone or Internet line is cut, the power goes out, or control panel is damaged, your system will continue to provide complete protection.


Below are samples of the user-friendly interface:


Arm & Disarm: Security System Online

Integrate with Verizon CDMA/T-Mobile GSM Module

Notification by SMS Text or Email

Other Notifications: Power Restored, Low Battery, System Tamper, Sensor Open, Sensor Left Open (duration between 1-240 min), etc.

Smartphone Apps can control Security Alarm, Security Camera & Home Automation

Smart Phone App User Interface Example

User Interface Layout Subject to Change Without Notice


Please contact us if you are interested in installing, or upgrading your existing system to an subscription.